How do you prepare a quotation for a new floor covering project?
            A first site visit enables us to assess the work and, if you desire, we can give you advice for solving floor covering issues by determining the appropriate floor preparation.  We verify the humidity of the floor to limit future problems with the floor covering. As professionals in commercial projects we are also accustomed to comply with specified goods by architects.  If required we can provide additional written information for substituting the specified good with an equivalent or better product.  A written quotation is sent shortly after to the purchasing department.

How fast can you come to install my floorcovering?
            The first element that determines the scheduling of work is the availability of your flooring goods.  If time is of essence we will recommend certain brands that are readily available in Canada.

How do you prepare the floor for new floor covering?
            Once awarded the contract we will receive your purchase order.  We then insure prompt installation according to the material’s availability.  Our crews insure the removal of the existing flooring, appropriately dispose of it in our own commercial bins, vacuum the designated area to insure a clean floor prior to the installation of the new floor.  We insure the floor is levelled and if required we make concrete patching or install a subfloor. 
We take measures on work site to limit pollution indoor while preparing the floor:

What happens with the removed flooring?
            We only use licensed and a local organizations to dispose adequately of the flooring waste.

Must an office be vacated to have new floor covering installation done?
            Many of our flooring projects involve occupied premises hence the installation can be done without vacating offices by installing carpet tiles under demountable modular furniture.  In other instances, we have accommodated the clients by working after regular hours.  

Do you provide flooring services in urgent situations?
            Yes we do! Urgent situations, such as an office flood, a classroom with mildew or a security hazards are dealt with meticulous care as we use our trade secrets in a timely fashion.  Remember our method of work completion is simple but efficient and the result is astonishing. 

 I have heard of temporary installation methods for carpet tile? Could this be applied to our work premises?
            Temporary installation with carpet tiles can be used for seasonal entrance mat.  It can also be used in a different scenario where there are several stages to a construction project.  The first phase of the renovation could be finished long before the last ones therefore the building could use temporary installation method for their flooring.  Here is an example of a temporary installation method we use. 

Tactiles by our supplier Interface.

What type of installation should I use for my carpet:  glued down or stretched with underpad?
            We can assist you in making the decision that will suit your work environment.  Each method comprises pros and cons that only your organization can determine the best fit. Contact us to receive some support